“David expertly navigated through the extreme personalities, high emotions, and the fact that there was a large disagreement between the parties on the facts and law of the case, as well as other issues. David was great at coaching the parties towards settlement as opposed to just being a messenger (my pet peeve). David Myers is definitely now on my “A-list” for potential mediators.”

“Thank you for mediating the case for us last week. Honestly, prior to the mediation, I had no expectation that the matter would resolve but you quickly got things going in the right direction. Your ability to build up trust with my clients was critical in getting the parties to a settlement that was in everybody’s best interest.”

“David had the case farther along in the first two hours than most mediators have by three in the afternoon. He was prepared to discuss the case within the first minute of being in the room with my client but easily went back and forth between the facts and law of the case, as well as just talking to my clients about the process and their future, beyond the litigation.”

“I agreed to use David after defense counsel, in an employment case, recommended him as someone that he could trust to try and resolve the case. David’s style was just what the matter needed to settle the case.”

“David is simply excellent at what he does. I had the chance to go up against David when he was trying cases, and while I didn’t always agree with him, and I didn’t like his clients, I found him to be an excellent mediator. David puts a lot of time in trying to cut through the rhetoric.”